Tuesday, May 31

All pilots of large gliders please take note

This is a copy of the press release sent to all modelling magazines yesterday.

Revision of the regulations relating to “pure gliders” weighing Over 20kg
At a meeting held on 13th May 2011 at BMFA HQ the CAA announced that when the next edition of CAP 658 (Model Aircraft  - A Guide to Safe Flying for Sport and Recreation) is issued in July 2011 there will be new regulations which will relate to “pure gliders” weighing Over 20kg. These  type of aircraft will need to be operated on an “Exemption to Fly” under the scheme already run on behalf of the CAA by the UK Large Model Association for powered aircraft Over 20kg.
The meeting was attended by representatives from the BMFA,SAA,LMA, UKRA ,and BARCS and dealt with several other proposed revisions of the document relating to model flying.
It was agreed that the Scheme for Over 20kg pure gliders would be initiated by asking all modellers who operated with this category of aircraft to contact the Large Model Association CAA Liaison Officer – Tony Hooper - to register under the scheme in order to obtain an Exemption to Fly. Existing aircraft will be granted an Exemption to Flyby the CAA in the first instance on the basis of “grandfather rights” which would enable the aircraft to operate in its existing form without meeting the radio installation criteria required for Over 20kg models. This exception would terminate with the Exemption to Flybecoming invalid if the model was subject to significant un-repairable damage or it is eventually disposed of by the registered owner. A new Exemption to Fly would then only be re - issued if the radio installation criteria is met.
The LMA will be recruiting a small number of additional Inspectors who are already respected members in this aspect of pure glider model activity.
It is anticipated that there are relatively few pure gliders in the Over 20kg category at the moment but the number of carbon airframes now being produced in Europe and further afield within this category will probably increase over the next few years.
Anyone who is currently operating an Over 20 kg pure glider must contact Tony Hooper as soon as possible so that they comply with these new regulations.

Tony can be contacted as follows:-
E Mail    th.hooper@btopenworld.com
Tel No   01926 641490
Mobile   07976 691992

On behalf of the LMA and CAA I am currently amending all the over 20 kg inspection forms to address the specific issues with gliders. but I urge all owners of over 20 kg gliders to make contact with Tony Hooper at their earliest convenience.