Monday, November 26

Membership 2019

The system for renewing your BMFA membership (insurance) has changed for 2019. BMFA membership should now be paid individually by each member via the BMFA Membership website. The BMFA membership fee for 2019 is £38 for senior members. The link for the BMFA website is

Memberships should be renewed by 31 December 2018 for 2019.

The membership section of the BMFA website includes instructions how to register and renew your BMFA membership. Payment can be made by various methods.
The new system will allow the Rivington Soaring Association club officials to check that you have renewed your BMFA membership.When you register and go online for the first time can you please check that your email address is up to date. If not you will not receive any emails from RSA.

The date for the Rivington Soaring Association AGM has not yet been confirmed. At the meeting we will be collecting the Rivington Soaring Association membership fees only. As usual those unable to attend the meeting in person will be able to pay by bank transfer or by cheque.We will not be collecting money for BMFA membership at the meeting.