Tuesday, December 27

RSA Membership 2023

 Membership Fees 2023

The membership fees for 2023 are as follows:

Under 65 £15.00

Over 65 £10.00

Junior £10

Payment should be made by bank transfer to the Rivington Soaring Association bank account.  If you do not have details of the account please contact Ian Simpson on 07743235903. When making your payment please include your name in the payment details.


British Model Flying Association (BMFA) Membership

Members wishing to become a member of RSA in 2023 will have to renew or join the BMFA prior to paying their RSA membership. Members should do this via the BMFA website

https://bmfa.org/. When you renew your membership could you please also update your personal details held on the BMFA membership portal. Please make sure you include your mobile number.


Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Drone Regulations

After  November 30th 2019 you will be operating unlawfully if you do not have either a CAA Flyer ID, or hold a BMFA Basic Proficiency Certificate, A Certificate or B Certificate, or hold a BMFA Registration Competency Certificate obtained by taking the BMFA online test at https://rcc.bmfa.uk/rcc


Marking of Planes with your Operator ID

To comply with the CAA Drones Regulations all planes must be marked with an Operator Identification.

Edgworth Gate

If you need a key for the gate at Edgworth please ask Brian Riding or Ian Simpson when you see them on the slope.

Winter Hill Gate

The gate on the road to the mast has a combination lock. The number for the lock will only be provided to paid up members.

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