Saturday, November 30

RSA and BMFA Membership Renewal 2020

Rivington Soaring Association (RSA) Annual General Meeting

We will be holding the Annual General Meeting in early January and will set the membership fee for 2020 at the meeting. The date and venue of the meeting will be posted when confirmed.

British Model Flying Association (BMFA) Membership

Members wishing to become a member of RSA in 2020 will have to renew or join the BMFA prior to paying their RSA membership. Members should do this via the BMFA website .

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Drone Regulations

After  November 30th 2019 you will be operating unlawfully if you do not have either a CAA Flyer ID, or hold a BMFA Basic Proficiency Certificate, A Certificate or B Certificate, or hold a BMFA Registration Competency Certificate obtained by taking the BMFA online test at

Marking of Planes with your Operator ID

To comply with the CAA Drones Regulations all planes must be marked with an Operator Identification. This can be obtained from the BMFA or the CAA at a cost of £9.00.

Further Information

It is  worth spending some time looking through the new website where you will find all the information you need to ensure you are up to speed with current regulations and the registration process.

Wednesday, January 25

Powered Gliders

The following concern was raised at the AGM regarding powered gliders,
“I feel that we are in danger of mixing powered flight with gliders. It is one thing using a motor to get out if trouble but it is completely different to be able to climb vertically to cloud base and then swoop down across the face of a slope at high speed. Those machines could be used just as effectively on a flat field”.

After much deliberation it was agreed that powered gliders could be used under the following conditions:
1. If the wind speed is less than 10 mph
2. That bursts of power are limited to a maximum of 10 seconds
3. Power to rescue a plane that has blown too far back