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  1. As an ex RSA member, it was good to meet Neil, Brian, Alex & his grandson on one of my local slopes (the south face of Fecit Hill Near Edenfield / Ramsbottom) on Tuesday afternoon (23/07/2019).
    It was a pleasant afternoon, reasonable conditions, with some good thermal assistance to be had. Also some good banter & a chance to see 'old tech' (Me) flying amongst modern stuff, showing despite the diversity of models, you can get some decent flying from a wide range of models. I was the only one not flying mouldies that day, but was flyinh a Dream Flight Ahi (Ex Tony Darbyshire model) and a Dave Hughes 'Soarcerer' (Plan published by Radio Modeller back in 1969) - so that offered a good historical reference to how the hobby has evolved.
    Best wishes & happy flying to all.
    Grayam B