Where & When

Who's flying when and where....
We often fly Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons, weather permitting! Check the 'Where and When' page if you plan coming to join us for time and location as we don't have set times and places!

Use wind direction from weather forecast and the chart below to get an idea of where people are likely to be flying, e.g. wind from the West, likely to be Edgworth. The arrows (where shown) indicates direction bias towards where the hill is deemed to work better from.

How to 'post a comment' (and please do, it encourages others to come out and fly, very rarely will you be on your own!):
Enter your comment in the 'post a comment' box then from the drop down menu titled 'comment as' select 'Name/URL' and enter your display nameignore the URL section (leave blank).
Click 'continue' followed by 'publish' and you're done. 

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  1. Warning United Utilities are putting a lock on the gate that leads up to Winter Hill every weekend from 17:00 on Friday until 09:00 on Monday morning.This has been done to reduce the risk of wild fires. The gate will not be locked overnight . mid-week. United Utilities have agreed that club members may have the number for the combination lock. I will shortly be sending an email to paid up numbers to let them have the combination.